What is Modern Motherhood?

Hi, I’m Conz Preti, a mom of three under 4. I never dreamt of being a mom (or even to be married tbh) and when my first was born my world was turned upside down. I was clueless, inexperienced and just terrified of what I had embarked into. Things got better and then I got pregnant with surprise twins who were born right at the beginning of the pandemic. Once again, our worlds turned upside down during the most fragile mental state I’ve ever been. I get how hard and overwhelming things can be and want to support mothers in whatever stage of motherhood they are in.

We (all of us here) are also women with interests beyond motherhood. I want to explore what it all means in today’s day and age. You’ll find personal essays, humor (hopefully lots of it), product reviews, interviews with industry experts, all with a ton of honesty and no filter (mostly because I don’t have a filter to begin with, sorry).

Why should you pay for Modern Motherhood?

Well, I need to pay the bills. With a paid subscription you’ll be getting access to my super juicy product reviews (yes, the ones I’ve been sharing for years on my personal social accounts will all now live here) and content from experts who we all love and look up to.

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Want to share your experiences with us?

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